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  • Hertz Car Rental Jamaica
  • Avis Car Rental Jamaica
  • Chalis Car Rental Jamaica
  • Dollar Car Rental Jamaica
  • Ez Car Rental Jamaica
  • Economy Car Rental Jamaica
  • Sixt Car Rental
  • Sixt car rental Montego bay
  • ACE Rent A Car
  •  Island Car Rentals
  • Prospective Car Rentals
  • Alamo Rent A Car
  • Classique Car Rental
  • Thrifty Car Rental
  • United Car Rental

Whether you rent a Toyota or any other car to go for a vacation or  any other purpose, your journey will be hassle-free if you consider the following things:

1. Prefer paying through credit card while renting a car or by cash.

2. If your kid if below 25 and will be driving the rented car, you will be charged more. No matter how good your kid’s driving record is, rental companies usually treat them as a potential liability to their car.

3. If you are in a group and all can drive, then the number of drivers should be kept to the minimum. The rental companies will charge for all. It is always better to keep the number of drivers to 2.

4. Check whether your personal car ins cover rentals.

5. Fill up the fuel tank before returning the rented vehicle. You need to know how much rent you would have to pay, before say you go and rent a Porsche..

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