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The distance between cities is straight line distance (may be called as flying or air distance) between the two locations in Jamaica calculated based on their latitudes and longitudes. This distance may be very much different from the actual travel distance.


Distance From City Distance To City Distance (km)
Kingston (Saint Andrew) New Kingston (Saint Andrew) 1.6
Spanish Town (Saint Catherine) Portmore (Saint Catherine) 8.88
Montego Bay (Saint James) Mandeville (Manchester) 65.25
May Pen (Clarendon) Old Harbour (Saint Catherine) 12.89
Linstead (Saint Catherine) Half Way Tree (Saint Andrew) 28.83
Bog Walk (Saint Catherine) Constant Spring (Saint Andrew) 22.47
Ewarton (Saint Catherine) Hayes (Clarendon) 38.66
Ocho Rios (Saint Ann) Morant Bay (Saint Thomas) 94.8
Stony Hill (Saint Andrew) Santa Cruz (Saint Elizabeth) 96.12
Old Harbour Bay (Saint Catherine) Port Maria (Saint Mary) 55.39
Falmouth (Trelawny) Yallahs (Saint Thomas) 134.37
Bull Savanna (Saint Elizabeth) Runaway Bay (Saint Ann) 70.71
Lucea (Hanover Parish) Porus (Manchester) 91.76
Lionel Town (Clarendon) Point Hill (Saint Catherine) 34.52
Seaforth (Saint Thomas) Sandy Bay (Hanover Parish) 179.58
Chapelton (Clarendon) Bamboo (Saint Ann) 33.36
Black River (Saint Elizabeth) Anchovy (Saint James) 43.52
Riversdale (Saint Catherine) Cambridge (Saint James) 99.96
Coleyville (Manchester) Albert Town (Trelawny) 9.91
Port Royal (Kingston) Moneague (Saint Ann) 46.56
Gayle (Saint Mary) Malvern (Saint Elizabeth) 82.02
Williamsfield (Manchester) Lacovia (Saint Elizabeth) 29.95
Lluidas Vale (Saint Catherine) Rocky Point (Clarendon) 42.12
Maroon Town (Saint James) Golden Grove (Saint Thomas) 169.03
Bethel Town (Westmoreland) Dalvey (Saint Thomas) 186.36
Race Course (Clarendon) Islington (Saint Mary) 69.21
Trinity Ville (Saint Thomas) Mona Heights (Saint Andrew) 24.17
Balaclava (Saint Elizabeth) Bluefields (Westmoreland) 40.5
Wakefield (Trelawny) Buff Bay (Portland) 112.69
Siloah (Saint Elizabeth) Southfield (Saint Elizabeth) 31.94
Easington (Saint Thomas) Kellits (Clarendon) 71.81
Discovery Bay (Saint Ann) Nain (Saint Elizabeth) 59.47
Bath (Saint Thomas) Manchioneal (Portland) 11.64
Petersfield (Westmoreland) Richmond (Saint Mary) 123.25
Alexandria (Saint Ann) Duncans (Trelawny) 26.79
Mavis Bank (Saint Andrew) Alligator Pond (Saint Elizabeth) 96.99
Hope Bay (Portland) Darliston (Westmoreland) 147.91
Ulster Spring (Trelawny) Maggotty (Saint Elizabeth) 32.26
Cascade (Hanover Parish) Moore Town (Portland) 179.87
Gordon Town (Saint Andrew) Frome (Westmoreland) 154.3
Lucky Hill (Saint Mary) Mona (Saint Andrew) 43.12
Mt. Industry (Saint Catherine) Long Hill (Saint Catherine) 1.27
Glengoffe (Saint Catherine) Rentcombe (Saint Catherine) 3.65
Harkers Hall (Saint Catherine) Above Rocks (Saint Catherine) 3.94
Aberdeen (Saint Elizabeth) Aberdeen (Saint Ann) 40.67
Aberly (Saint Ann) Abingdon (Hanover Parish) 99.36
Aboukir (Saint Ann) Accompong (Saint Elizabeth) 40.52
Acton (Westmoreland) Acton (Trelawny) 54.27
Adams Valley (Manchester) Adelphi (Saint James) 42.66
Admiral Town (Saint Andrew) Aenon Town (Saint Ann) 68.51

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